Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What's Cooking....

Cuisine of the Pacific North West

This month our cooking class will feature some of the cuisine that was the hot topic of conversation when I entered the culinary profession. Long before I was cruising the Florida Keys in search of Bonefish, or Tarpon I lived in Southern California. I would take regular trips up north casting the rivers, and oceans as a retreat from the chaos of the city. Though it‘s been some time since I last visited the area I have many fond memories, and influences that I carry with me to this day.
My days of week long furloughs to Stenson Beach are in the past yet there is something to be said in the fact I could wake up at 3 AM to seek out my favorite fishing hole and pick fresh Fennel from the side of the roadway on my way home. Bodega Bay, or Point Reyes Oysters made the best mid-morning snack when washed down with a cold beer after a few hours of standing in bone chilling water. Late night surfcasting in anticipation of the Grunion runs was also a tradition in those days, and sometimes the two activities would go back to back….. The point is it was a fresh balance of man paired with nature, and that still hasn’t changed for that part of the world.

This months Features….
Blackberry Braised Duck with Sun Dried Cherry Compote
Juniper brined Salmon with Lingonberry sauce
Braised Fennel with Mustard Greens
Roasted Fingerling Potato
Strawberry Red Wine Soup

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